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Pendulum Logistics

Founded in 2006, Pendulum has built its reputation in Australia as one of the country’s leading customized 3PL providers. Focusing on medium to enterprise level customers we have provided solutions across multiple industry, with a strong focus on delivering a solution that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our 3PL services cover everything you could possibly think of to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Our 3PL Services

At Pendulum Logistics, we understand that not every client has the exact same needs and that a cookie cutter approach to 3PL does not achieve the optimal outcome. As such, we always work with our clients to truly understand their business needs, assist them in optimizing the process and deliver excellence in service. Our process can broadly be broken down as follows:  


Process Scoping & Optimization

A successful partnership always begins with a clear understanding of our partner’s objectives, core KPIs as well as business requirements. At Pendulum we always take the time to understand your needs and your expectations. We establish clear KPIs and work towards optimizing processes to ensure error free, cost effective 3PL.


Warehousing & Distribution

Of course, no 3PL process would be complete without warehousing and distribution. Our secure, bonded facilities have over the years really dealt with everything. From FIFO picking of alcohol to picking and packing of sim cards. From storage of large beverage systems, to reverse logistics of POS systems. Our warehouse and distribution is set-up to ensure security and full visibility and traceability throughout the entire process.


System Integration

Our customized warehousing solution allows us not just to track inventory – but also to completely design our process and reporting based entirely on your needs. We work in a way to ensure that you know exactly at what point of the process we are up to at all times. Need us to enter data directly into your system? No problems – we run comprehensive internal training for all staff, ensuring accurate error free reporting.


Customized Solution

Our 3PL goes above and beyond a simple item storage and dispatch service. This is where we really go the extra mile. Need us to pick and pack? Perhaps you need a product kitted and assembled? Did you need us to source extra materials, or customized printing to go with your distribution requirements? We do all of it. Over the years, we have taken on many challenges – from running software updates on modems, to assembling a complex POS display system. If you need something different and all your average companies have said it’s not possible, come talk to us – we will deliver.

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At Pendulum we live and breathe 3PL. We’re not just looking to shoehorn you into a standard process that fits with our needs; we think of ourselves as part of your business and work with you as if you were running your very own cost effective, state of the art warehouse. Call us today and let us show you the Pendulum Logistics difference.
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Leading 3PL Company based in Sydney

Our main logistics centre is based in Sydney we take care of nationwide distribution from there. Unlike our competitors, we are flexible, agile and quick to respond. We understand that your business will have special requirements and that on occasion we’ll be called on to achieve the “impossible”.  Our core founding belief is that if you work for your customer to deliver 3PL with passion and dedication you are building the groundwork for a long and healthy partnership. It is in our culture to deliver excellence and to strive towards constant improvement.

Technically we are on the cutting edge and always on the look-out for any technology that can introduce further efficiencies and economies of scale. We are a trusted 3PL Australia business and have helped countless businesses achieve their goals.